by Four Minute Mile

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DB SCHENKER Perfect neo pop punk. Absolutely nothing to dislike. If they were from my town I would probably like actually love them. But they are from Oregon. And I am from Wolverhampton and live in Worcester. And so on. Favorite track: Camellia.
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released March 5, 2013

Recorded in the Summer and Autumn of 2012 with Ahren Lanfor.
All songs written and performed by Four Minute Mile.
Additional vocals by Honorable Mention.



all rights reserved


Four Minute Mile Olympia, Washington

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Track Name: Sunburnt
thought i had you last year
felt like i was tied to a string
let me slip through your fingers
and fall back to you this spring
i've seen you wasted, and wasting your days
always looking from the outside, i'm cut from the frame

so close when i stayed, but you're still far from me
and all the choices you've made, made me hang on for too long

it's taking me everything to disreguard the faults he puts you through
excuse me while i can't hold my tongue anymore
i know you better than this, and i know you're better than him*
(i hope you remember this)

thought i had you one time, now i'm not so sure
i'm over all the time i've spent on this chase
have we lost our place?
after those days, turned the page on me, will you walk away from me

you're still so fucking naive
Track Name: Camellia
so much for sleeping tonight, i haven't been myself for days
lost again without a trace, and no one could do a thing
to make these streetlights burn much brighter
but i can burn every fucking bridge and just leave it all behind me

tie me down and don't hope that i won't go away
don't be afraid to see all of the things i portray
tie me down cause i know what it takes to be brave
i'm not as selfish as the world has taught me to be

so sick, i'm so sick
i'll do my best to fall apart this year, and shed whats left
of all my old self again, and we can pretend that we're friends
just let me go

so sick, so sick i can't do this by myself
i would've walked away if i knew this

i'd walk away from it all,
before my thirst for blood makes me sink like a stone
please please please just pick me back up
because i'm fed up

don't let me fall back
you know its hard to keep me running
i'm getting sick, just like i said
and i never took a chance, so will it ever leave my head?
Track Name: Grey
How long have you been holding on?
'cause I can barely sleep
Or keep on lying to myself, I'm a stranger to these dreams
Keep thinking you're right, I'll try not to give in to you
so I'll stay out of your sight

I'm feeling disconnected,
trapped up in this room with too much time to think about you
We both know what we're worth, but your warnings never paid
I'm still counting down the days, i just can't figure this out
but I tried

So I'll take the blame, then I'll fade away

Finding every reason not to want to stay in the same place
I'd rather stay colder when i'm states away
I'm done with your two faces changing every other season
So here's my goodbye, and this time I wrote it for you

(Same story every time you tried to lose me)
The same story every day with a different ending
It's getting harder to believe the signals that you're sending

But in the back of my mind, I swear we knew each other
or maybe it was all a dream, too short to tell the time to erase me
But I knew you always could, and i knew you always would
I thought I knew who you were
Track Name: Heisenberg
turned my summer into cold
it's impossible to catch a break from all this rain and things that make you sick
and never again will i let myself down for someone i'll lose in the end
thing won't always end up perfect, but is this weather even worth it?

i tried to keep myself head above water, but i never told you that i couldn't swim
not like you'd save me if you saw me sinking

i never wanted to leave, and i don't believe what i can't see
so who knows whats real, you've got the best of me
and i've got the worst of things
time heals all your wounds but mend your own broken bones

i'm giving in

what does it take to make this normal again?
leaving everything behind won't fix what you don't understand
so just be real with yourself, forget everyone else

but it's not enough for me

so many nights spent chasing you down empty streets
i finally figured out a reason i could never keep you around
and i'm cutting down all the ties that kept this alive
so many doors i tried to break down and see
what's ahead, how i get there, and a place to sleep
but it's not enough for me